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IVFusionMD: Top Quality Infusions of Vitamins, Medications and Antioxidants

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IVFusion MD is the greater Seattle area’s premier vitamin, antioxidant, and high quality supplement IV infusion service. 


IVFusionMD provides various combinations of B-vitamins, vitamin C, B12, NAD, glutathione, L carnitine, lipostat plus, zofran/ondansetron, pepcid, magnesium, biotin, zinc, and many others for various uses. 


We offer three convenient locations (Auburn, Bellevue, and Kirkland), serving Tacoma, Auburn, Federal Way, Seattle, Bellevue Kirkland, and Redmond. Our infusions comprise three overall general categories of uses. 


In our first category we offer treatment for illness, headaches, hangovers, food poisoning, flu and dehydration. For example after a short illness, someone might be feeling a little on the dry side. A simple infusion of intravenous fluids may be just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes we all party a little too hard or drink a little too much. Hangovers, as we all know, can be one of the worst feelings we've ever had. We offered an infusion to be able to eliminate hangover discomfort and give strong dose of antinausea medication as well as an antacid and an anti-inflammatory. Someone might typically go to an emergency room and receive a similar treatment regimen however, rather than go to the emergency room, why not a comfortable high end physicians clinic, if it's not an emergency? At the same time, patients may go to the emergency room for headache treatment or migraine treatment. Using a common cocktail of medications and B vitamins, our offices have the possibility of knocking out that migraine and giving you a gentle infusion of intravenous crystalloid fluid. 


Many of our infusions contain similar ingredients, including B vitamins, B12, and vitamin C, however these vitamins have shown several different benefits. 


B vitamins B12 and antioxidants have even shown benefit for certain conditions such as neuropathy, anemia, GI disease and long term use of alcohol.


Short term illness, especially food poisioning, dehydration, flu, and hangover may benefit from hydration and medications to relieve symptoms of nausea, vomiting, GI upset and pain.


Our second category of infusions consist of beauty and aesthetic focused infusion. Our top choice aesthetic infusion is called Beautify Me. This consists of B vitamins, vitamin C and also glutathione which is a potent antioxidant. Oher beauty focused infusions use glutathione with one liter of intravenous fluid which may have a desirable side effect of lightening whitening or brightening the skin. Asians, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese, and Korean people are very fond of glutathione.

Our third category of infusions focus on fitness, weight loss, fat-burning, and muscle-building. We have a variety of special supplements including Lipostat Plus, NAD+, and L-Carnitine for kicking your metabolism into gear. For those interested in biohacking, we offer a signature infusion called Biohack Me which combines the power of B vitamins, NAD+ and L-Carnitine to ramp up metabolic activity and mitochondrial fat burning. Studies have also demonstrated an anti-aging capacity of NAD.

Most of our treatments are FDA-approved. Certain treatments are not FDA-approved. All products are acquired from US based high-quality pharmaceutical compounding companies that are regulated by the FDA. All medications are administered/directed by board certified physicians. We take pride in administering high-quality vitamin, medication and supplement infusions. As with any medical treatment, no guarantees can be made on outcome. 

Our website offers a wide variety of infusions. Our best uses and descriptions are listed. 

If you want something you do not see, contact us and we can help select the correct combination of components for any condition or situation.

Visit our website at to check out which infusion might be right for you. 


Each office also has a separate number listed on the website if you need to reach out.

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