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IVFusionMD is a state-of-the-art practice that focuses on providing the finest intravenous (IV) treatments for a range of common health problems. Founders Robert Bowers, MD, and Mark Tseng, MD, provide on-demand, high quality, physician-supervised, and directed care at their offices in Kirkland, Bellevue, and Auburn, Washington. They also offer access to practices with high-quality services in plastics and aesthetics, as well as pain management and wellness.

IVFusionMD offers an alternative approach to traditional hospital visits, where patients and doctors work together to not only feel better but to improve long term health and wellness. The practice’s specially formulated IV infusions are blends of different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and electrolytes designed to improve your overall health or treat specific conditions. Some IV infusions also contain medications that relieve pain and prevent nausea. Patients receive the infusions straight into their bloodstream, ensuring immediate absorption and no waste.

The IV infusions available at IVFusionMD include blends that boost energy levels and strengthen the immune system, help with hangovers and recovery from illness and injury, improve athletic performance, treat conditions like stomach flu, migraines, and jet lag, help with weight loss, boost the production of collagen to rejuvenate skin and underlying tissues, relieve stress, and reduce tissue inflammation. All the infusions available at IVFusionMD provide fast and effective rehydration for mild to moderate dehydration as well.
Find out how these treatments can help you feel stronger, healthier, and younger, by calling IVFusionMD today or book an appointment online.

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