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FSA Funds Expiring? Treat Yourself to an IV Infusion

As the year end approaches, our minds are usually geared toward the holidays, family and friend gatherings, and gift giving. This year is a bit different as we may not be able to spend them with our loved ones. Instead, take this time to treat yourself and your body to an instant pick me up with one of our IV infusions. 

Even better, IV infusion therapy is eligible to be covered by FSA. Even HSA and HRA funds can be used toward IV infusions. Don't let these funds go to waste at the end of the year. Some of these funds are actually money that was taken from your paycheck and deposited into an account earmarked for health purposes and may expire at the end of the year. 

What is a FSA, HSA, and HRA?

FSA is a flexible spending account which is set up with your employer.  You allot part of your pre-tax income into the account and can spend that money tax free on a number of medical and health care required expenses.  These funds that you deposited will mostly expire on December 31 of the year.  HSA is a Health Savings Account. It is a similar account but the funds do not expire and therefore will roll over to the next year.  These funds can be employer funded as well as employee funded. HRA funds are those deposited by the employer and not the employee. These funds may or may not expire depending on your employer's plan setup.  Check with your employer to see which you may have. Please do not let any of these funds go to waste.  Put them to good use at IVFusionMD. 

We offer many different infusions geared toward specific needs such as weight loss and beautifying but also overall general health or for immunity. Maybe you need help recovering from a wild party? Try our Revive Me infusion. The Revive Me iv infusion is formulated to get you up and going. That hangover will be a thing of the past! Or do you need some skin brightening or whitening? Winter air can be so tough and dulling for our skin.  Try our Silk infusion.  The Silk infusion is chalk full of a super powerful antioxidant, glutathione.  Glutathione has been researched extensively for it's skin whitening properties. It is commonly used in Asian countries to get whiter and brighter skin. Perhaps you want to boost your immunity? As the winter approaches, our bodies are even more susceptible to all those bacteria and viral infections that linger around indoors. Try our Boost Me or a double dose with SuperBoost Me.  Boost Me and Super Boost Me contain all those great antioxidant and B vitamins like Vitamin C and B12  that are known to help keep our immune system in tip top shape.

If you've been hitting the at home gym and have plateaued and are looking to speed up those results and lose more inches, try our Burn infusion. It is formulated to help promote your cells to release fat and break them down. 

We offer 17 different infusions so whatever your needs are, we will have one that's right for you. 

If you are still unsure which infusion to get. You can book a consultation. Any fee will go toward one of our infusions. 

At IVFusionMD, we believe safety is paramount. Our iv infusions are all formulated by real doctors. Our infusions are mixed at the time and overseen by a real medical physician. This ensures the maximum safety for you. 

Beyond safety, we know comfort is everything. Our private infusion rooms are very comfortable and offer TV and WiFi. We have three convenient locations in Auburn, Kirkland, and Bellevue near Redmond.  We serve patients from Seattle, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Sammamish, New Castle, Federal Way, Tacoma, Bothell, and Renton. 

Book today and use those expiring FSA money at!

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